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Sexual Identity counselling

Sexual identity counselling can be a great support to anyone suffering from any kind of sexual identity issue. Our professional online counsellors are experienced in dealing with men and women experiencing a wide range of sexual identity problems and are here to listen to you.

If your sexual identity is affecting your life or you think it maybe getting more out of control speak to one of our online counsellors today.

The sexual orientation of a person is the term we give to their sexual and emotional attraction. This covers both males and females, and if they are attracted to the same or opposite sex. One thing to note is that sexual orientation is not the same as sexual actions, it is therefore the feelings one has towards another.
If people are heterosexual, then they are attracted to the opposite sex, whilst people who are homosexual, are attracted to people of the same sex. People who are attracted to both sexes are called bisexual. Terms such as gay and lesbian are often thrown around to name a persons sexual orientation.
Understanding your sexuality
One of the hardest things that people go through is to recognize what sexual orientation they have. People may be wondering why they are attracted to people of the same sex or both sexes. Millions of people experience all of these feelings and to feel confused about the situation. There are many people who feel isolated and confused, and this can be seen more in men than women. Homosexuality or being gay is not wrong, it is part of human sexuality, and individuals cannot choose their sexual orientation.
Due to our society, many follow the belief that homosexuality is wrong and this idea has taught many people that homosexuality is wrong. However, this is false and due to this many homosexuals do not realize they are gay until they are much older.
'Coming out'
Another huge step revolving around sexual orientation is the fact that you have to accept who you are, and that includes sexual orientation. Many people find this difficult and it can be an emotional time. Once many people feel comfortable with the situation, they may tell others about their circumstances. This stage is known as 'coming out' and is usually the hardest part of being gay.
Every human on the planet is different and we all come from different backgrounds. This is why some people find it easy to accept their sexual orientation, and why others do not. The best person to confide in first is someone close to you that you can trust to keep it to themselves until you are ready to tell others.
Factors that can help a person to ‘come out’, includes the following:
  • If the individual feels comfortable about their sexuality and how happy they are to talk about it.
  • How well the person knows their parents and how close they are as a family.
  • Whether the timing seems right or not.
  • The support available from friends.
  • Family issues such as religion.
  • How dependent someone is on his or her parents.
  • Safety at home.
  • How much the person knows about the issue.
  • If an individual is uncertain for many years they may choose to wait.
What determines sexual orientation?
There is a strong reason to believe that a person’s sexual orientation is made through a variety of reasons: biological, cognitive and environmental factors can play a part in this. There has been no definitive answer, or one reason why a person’s sexual orientation develops. Many people’s sexual orientation is recognized at an early age, but this can depend on person to person.
Help for sexuality issues
Many people who are bisexual and homosexual can find the experience confusing and it can be quite a lonely time. There are many support groups or counsellors that can help throughout any stage with sexual orientation.

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