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Self Esteem and Self Confidence counselling

Confidence counselling and having a self confidence counsellor on hand for those times your confidence take a nose dive can make such a difference to your life. Talking to us for support can be just what you need to help you at the vital time of losing control.

Our professional online counsellors are experienced in dealing with men and women suffering from a wide range of self confidence issues and are here to listen to you and never judge.

If lack of self confidence is affecting or taking over your life or you are spiralling into a dark place that’s getting out of control, speak to one of our online counsellors today. We understand exactly what you are going through and can help change your life.

Self-esteem and confidence is the term given to the way we feel about ourselves. If a person has a low amount of self-esteem, it can have an impact on their life. Self-confidence is not the same as self-esteem. Self-confidence is about achievement, whereas self-esteem is about opinion.
Within psychology, self-esteem is used to gain an understanding of a person’s overall evaluation of themselves. This includes a range of emotions such as triumph, despair, pride and shame. Self-Confidence is the socio-psychological concept that relates to self-assurance in one's personal judgement, ability and power. sometimes manifested excessively.
Many people have issues with self-esteem within their everyday lives and its more common than people think.
Some symptoms of low self esteem include:
  • There are many symptoms that sufferers of low self-esteem will experience:
  • Questioning your capabilities, doubting and worrying

  • Social withdrawal

  • Lack of social skills and self confidence

  • Eating disorders

  • Accentuating the negative

  • Self neglect and worrying whether you have treated others badly

  • Inability to accept compliments

  • Negative self-talk

  • Frequently apologizing

  • Avoiding risks

People who have low self-esteem see themselves as not worth it and treat themselves badly. On the other hand, people with self-esteem that is too high is also a problem and is not a disguise for low self-esteem. An exaggerated sense of entitlement, expecting much from many situations, is more likely to lead to frustration and aggressive.
Past experiences can also lead to low self-esteem. People with low self esteem can be upset by dis-confirming feedback. Adults with low self esteem, as children may have been abused or criticized, and this can lead to self-esteem issues in later life.
It’s important for people to gain a better look at themselves and gain a healthier self-esteem amount. However, a healthy amount of self-esteem has to be gradually changed, rather than instantly. As it is important to gradually build, or lower, your self esteem, simply talking to someone who will listen can help a lot.
Counselling for Self Esteem and Self Confidence issues can help you to:
Review your past by taking a closer look at the messages you got growing up.
Retrain your brain, enabling you to think positively without questioning your capabilities.
Prove your negative thoughts wrong by accomplishing the very things that you doubt that you have the capabilities of achieving.
Recognize what you do have, focus more on what is there, rather than what is not.

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