Relationship counselling

Relationship counselling can be a done in couples or on your own depending or what suits you and the situation. We all want a happy relationship and sometimes under estimate how important it is to understand each other.

Our professional relationship counsellors are experienced in dealing with men and women suffering from a wide range of situations and problems. We are here to listen and help you get more balanced and happiness in your relationship.    

Relationships are at the centre of our lives, and can bring forth feelings of happiness and fulfilment, and other the opportunity to create some wonderful memories. Relationships can be between two partners, or a relationship between friends and family.
Relationships take work and a fully fledged and supportive relationship takes time to reveal itself. Relationships require a good amount of time and skill in order to maintain, or even start in the first place. Sometimes in relationships, connections can break down and that can lead to people becoming lonely. On the other hand, some people may crave close friendships and/or romantic relationships but find them very difficult to come by.
Whatever the relationship issue, there is help available in the form of relationship counselling.
Why do we need good relationships?
As Humans, we are sociable and therefore, we need relationships to keep our health up to a good standard. If we suffer from a bad relationship or see our relationships go wrong, this can have an impact on our health. Therefore, the better our relationships work, the happier and healthier we are going to be.
Large amounts of research have shown that people with healthy relationships are likely to have fewer health problems and live longer. On the other hand, those who do not have many social connections tend to show signs of depression and cognitive decline. In the office, having good relationships with colleagues and others in the professional branch can boost productivity and is valuable for career development.
What defines a good relationship?
All relationships are unique, but there are several characteristics that can signify strong, healthy connections. These include:
  • Trust - Relationships are built on trust, which is essential for good communication and forming strong bonds.. 
  • Mindfulness - Being mindful of what you do and say means you are more likely to maintain strong relationships.
  • Mutual respect - Strong supportive relationships rely heavily on mutual respect, as it fosters understanding of each other's needs and values. 
  • Good communication - Your relationships will be richer if you make an effort to keep in contact with those around you.
In relationship counselling, therapists will work with clients to resolve relationship issues to explore exactly why things have gone wrong.
Types of relationship issues 
Within relationships, there are many different issues that you can come across. Many are considered to be smaller problems, whilst others are considered to be much bigger problems. The following list includes many relationship issues:
  • Affairs and betrayals - Betraying your spouse or a close friend can cause a great deal of damage to your relationship, as it destroys all sense of trust.
  • Separation and divorce - Sometimes couples will decide to separate or divorce without taking into account the practicalities or whether the relationship could be saved.
  • Pre-nuptial issues - Some couples seek extra support and advice on how to prepare themselves should the relationship break down or encounter difficulties in the future.
  • Family issues - Our relationships with family members form an integral part of our lives, and when these become strained it can cause a lot of pain and disappointment.
  • Cross-cultural relation - Relationships involve two people coming together from different backgrounds to build a new unit. While for many this process is relatively straightforward, for others their differences can be too prominent to come to a compromise.
Could couples counselling help?
If you are experiencing some kind of issue within your relationship, you could find couples counselling to be very helpful. Couples counselling is a type of talking therapy designed to help people with issues within their relationship.

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