Constant Counselling

Constant counselling and how it works

Constant counselling is such a important part of clients recovery and is seriously under estimated especially for clients starting counselling.

The time inbetween counselling sessions takes all our strength to focus and stay 
on track with our recovery so an email, text or 5 minute phone call is vital for those times we need support to stay on track.
You Call We Listen online counselling can help you with: 
Abuse | Addictions | Bereavement | Bullying | Cancer | Depression 
| Stress
We provide telephone counselling and email counselling specialising in depression, bullying, cancer, OCD, stress, bereavement, self-esteem, trauma & abuse.
As your counsellor I believe my job is too support you through a difficult time and give you the life tools necessary to move forward in life the way you desire. 

Having counselling once or twice a week when you are making big life changes is the first step and an excellent one, and whilst having those counselling sessions we feel supported and ready to take on our problems, which is how it should be.

After your counselling session sometimes those gremlins and bad behaviour patterns start to work there way in again and make us vulnerable and alone, which is something I have experienced myself. 
If only I could of had a quick phone call, email or text message either daily or a few times a week to give me that boost or reassurance in between my counselling sessions I feel my recovery from bulimia wouldn't of been so isolated. 

So with those feelings in mind I make sure there is a way for my clients to communicate with me for that support if and when they need it.
A supportive call, text or email can make the difference between bingeing or not, overcoming a behaviour pattern and many other issues you are battling. Knowing that help is on hand is so important to your recovery when doubt starts to take over.

Hayley offers constant counselling for both counselling and intuitive counselling sessions once the 
client has had their first 50 minute session.

Weekly Support Calls
1x 15min - £12.50     2x 15min - £24.00
3x 15min - £35.50
Please email the amount of 
calls you require

Weekly Support Emails
1x email - £10    2x emails - £18
3x emails - £27
Please email the amount of 
support emails you require

Weekly Support Texts
Text 'hayley' your name
and current situation 
to 82070
Text individually charged

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