Childhood Sexual Abuse

Childhood Sexual Counselling

We offer sexual abuse counselling and have trained online counsellors specialising in childhood sexual abuse.
You Call We Listen, have professional childhood sexual abuse counsellors ready to take your call who have been victims of abuse themselves.

Childhood sexual abuse counselling has proven to help people rebuild their lives by and allowing others to love them. That is something we all deserve.
If you are unsure of the first steps to take then pick up the phone and call our online counsellors and together you can work out the best plan to move forward to a happier life.    

Childhood sexual abuse is a more common problem that many people realise. There are as many as 65% of adults who have been attacked that have been abused as children. Sexual abuse involves an abuse of power and an abuse of trust towards a child.

Grooming a child is common amongst abusers who will spend time and effort compelling a child to do as she or he is told and sometimes, they will use bribes or threats to make sure the child follows the order.
If you have had experiences with sexual abuse, then it is possible that you will experience feelings of depression or anxiety. You may also suffer from the following:
  • Panic Attacks
  • Phobias
  • Flashbacks
You could possibly feel emotions such as Anger, Shame and a feeling of worthlessness.

Abuse of any kind is shrouded in secrecy and speaking out against it and telling someone or acknowledging that something has happened. Some people may find that speaking over a phone and not face-to-face to begin with.

A first step, one which you can do is to phone and speak to a childhood abuse worker via helplines. This will put the call in your control and you are able to speak about whatever is on your mind, whilst getting help from our workers.

There are many stages in a process of healing:
  • Break the silence – tell someone
  • Believe that you are not to blame
  • Living through and integrating feelings of grief, pain and anger
  • Finally, if its right for you, you could confront your abuser.

It is hard work and it takes time and it may be painful, but eventually you will reach what is known as the stage of resolution, where, at last, you will be free to move on and concentrate on the present and your aspirations for the future. 

Specialises in Abuse
Since joining You Call We Listen, online counselling Hayley has been helping clients with various abuse issues and has a great way of connecting to the source of the problems.
 Hayley has introduced Intuitive Counselling to our services and we have been overwhelmed with the results we are seeing with the clients.
As part of Hayley's theraphy with clients whether its traditional Counselling or Intuitive Counselling she believes it is important to be available for her clients in between scheduled sessions, as this keeps the determination of the client fresh and helps on those days where you need a little extra support but can not wait until your appointment, so as a result of your weekly counselling session you can have an add on of daily support by email or text.
How Constant Counselling works: 
Constant counselling is such a important part of clients recovery and is seriously under estimated especially for clients starting counselling.
The time inbetween counselling sessions takes all our strength to focus and stay on track with our recovery so an email, text or 5 minute phone call is vital for those times we need support to stay on track.

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