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If you, a family member or friend has been diagnosed with cancer or are in the limbo period of getting results, talking often helps. We have a trained team of cancer counsellors ready to listen and support you at this difficult time.

Our professional online counsellors are here if you need someone you can talk too in complete confidence, someone who will listen to you with no judgement and also someone who can offer you the right advice so your journey to recovery can begin.

Cancer can have a devastating effect and a huge emotional impact on both the sufferer and their family and friends. This emotional turmoil creates ripples that can often still be felt long after cancer treatment has finished. If you, or a family member or friend, has been diagnosed with, or is affected by, cancer You Call, We Listen is available to offer support 7 days a week.
For many people cancer is a sensitive subject that is often not talked about. Bottling up the emotions you are feeling is detrimental to your health, but not everyone is fortunate to have a network of support that welcomes open expression of feelings and emotions. Cancer support, in the form of talking therapy counselling, can be hugely beneficial to anyone who is living with cancer.

Understanding Your Needs
Our team of trained and experienced You Call, We Listen counsellors is available to take your call between 8am and 10pm, 7 days a week. Talking to a friendly, supportive person, in a confidential and safe environment, can help you to find answers and to make sense of the emotions that you may be feeling. Some of the common emotional responses that are experienced by people affected by cancer include anger, denial, guilt, fear, helplessness, hopelessness, depression, anxiety, stress and loneliness. Overwhelming feelings of loss, grief or bereavement associated to health, security, hope and self worth can also surface.
It is not uncommon for people to avoid talking about cancer. This can sometimes mean that the sufferer, or person affected by cancer, feels isolated or abandoned and unable to openly express their feelings and emotions. Cancer support counselling can provide a safe place for you to fully express how you feel. Our compassionate and dedicated counsellors will listen to your story and help you to gain a better understanding of your emotions. Your needs are our priority.

Why Cancer Support May Be Beneficial For You
The cancer journey is a personal experience that is different for everyone.
  • Some people may seek telephone counselling support during the lengthy diagnosis process, and before confirmation of a cancer diagnosis. You Call, We Listen counselling support can help you to deal with your fears, and prepare you for potential outcomes.
  • After cancer diagnosis, telephone counselling support can assist you in processing difficult emotions, and help you to identify practical coping strategies.
  • Cancer support can help you to build the resilience and determination required to make difficult lifestyle changes and choices.
  • During the cancer treatment, counselling offers a confidential and safe place to discuss problems that are associated with the treatment. This can include aversion to intravenous chemotherapy, anxiety attacks, body image issues and other treatment side effects. Counselling can also be beneficial in cases of cancer recurrence or diagnosis of terminal cancer.
  • The emotional impact of cancer can be felt long after treatment and check-ups are finished. Restarting life beyond cancer can leave some people feeling insecure and lost. Scheduled regular You Call, We Listen counselling sessions can help you to regain interest in life and to rebuild your professional and personal life.
Family And Friends
If you know someone who has been diagnosed with cancer it is not uncommon to feel emotionally burdened. Talking with a trained and experienced You Call, We Listen counsellor will help you to understand the emotional difficulty you are presently experiencing. Feelings of anger, anxiety, fear, stress, guilt, depression, helplessness, loneliness and bereavement and loss are normal and common.
If you need any form of counselling talk to one of our professional counsellors today. We are here to help you move forward and overcome your current situation. All calls are strictly confidential.

We provide telephone counselling and email counselling specialising in depression, bullying, cancer, OCD, stress, bereavement, self-esteem, trauma & abuse.
You Call We Listen online counselling can help you with: 
Abuse | Addictions | Bereavement | Bullying | Cancer | Depression | Stress
Eating Disorders | OCD | Pain Issues | Personal Development Relationships | Self-esteem | Self-harm | Trauma | Work Related Issues
Child & Teen Issues... plus any other issues and situations you want to discuss.  

To help you move forward to a brighter future talk to one of our trained counsellors today.
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