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At You Call We Listen we offer Bereavement Counselling with our experienced and professional counsellors. Grief can effect us in may different ways and we can feel alone and out f control. Our team of bereavement counsellors ready to take your call and help you make those important next steps.

If you need help coming to terms with losing someone in your life and knowing what way to turn please call for support and talk to our bereavement counsellors. Don't feel alone.

Bereavement is the term given to the very personal experience that a person may feel. Bereavement is extremely personal and can effect people in vastly different ways. One of the most common things that you will feel is a numbness, an emptiness. You may feel like the event has not really happened, or it was just a figment of your imagination, like a dream. As it effects people differently, you may get others that see your reaction as uncaring, which is obviously completely untrue.
Symptoms of bereavement
  • Feeling a sense of fear of damage to yourself and those you love.
  • Feeling sad a result of deaths or losses.
  • Feeling guilty for being better off than others.
  • Feeling ashamed for having been exposed as helpless or needy.
  • Feeling angry at what has happened.
  • Feeling helpless or feeling like you don’t know the right way to react.
  • Feeling the possibility for the future and for better and brighter times.
You may find you are having strong memories, of feelings, of loss or of love for the other people in your life who have been injured or who have died. You may also find yourself repeatedly dreaming about what happened. You may also feel tension and one of the main things that bereavement can lead to is addiction, such as alcohol or with drugs, which is something that can require help in its own right.
You may feel all of these emotions and feelings right after a certain event in your life, or it may happen several days, weeks or even months later. The feelings you gain can be strong and seem frightening, especially when dealing with Death. For many, these feelings will go with time, but if you are wanting to get some help, then seeing a professional such as a counsellor is a great way of getting back on your feet.

Relationships after bereavement
One of the things that bereavement has been seen to do is bring new relationships or bring existing ones closer. An event in your life could bring you closer to your friends and family and unite that bond. However, bereavement can also bring out the worst in people and your relationships with friends your family could be in danger through rises of tension and blame. If you are in a relationship, that can also improve or disband during periods of bereavement.
What can help after bereavement
With bereavement, there are many things that you can do to help yourself and/or others during a difficult time. Such things include:
Attending the funeral of a family member or friend can help as it brings the whole experience into reality and can be easier to face when you accept what has happened.
One of the main things is talking. Talking to your friends and family about the experience, what you are feeling and how you are coping can all help and gives you that extra bit of support that you may need.
Supporting others can also benefit you as you can see things from their point of view and this can help you to transition through a difficult point in your life.
The final aspect of this is privacy. Respect others’ privacy if they ask for it and they should do the same to you, if that is what you wish. Nobody reacts in the same way you do, so find the best solution for you and follow it through. 
If you are suffering from any form of abuse then please talk to one of our professional counsellors. We are here to help you move forward and overcome your current situation. 
All calls are confidential.

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