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Welcome to You Call We Listen, online counselling

Most of us experience difficult or challenging times when things get too much for us. It’s at these times that it is important to talk, and to get professional help and support from people you can trust. Building a positive healing relationship, via You Call, We Listen online counselling, enables you to express yourself, so that you can heal and move forward in your life.

Whatever issue you are experiencing it can help to talk to someone who has the time to put your needs first. Our trained You Call, We Listen counsellors are available to take your call at a time that is convenient for you. The service is completely safe and confidential.

We provide telephone counselling and email counselling specialising in depression, bullying, cancer, OCD, stress, bereavement, self-esteem, trauma & abuse.

We are here for you when you need us.

You Call We Listen online counselling can help you with: 
Self-harm | Trauma | Work Related IssuesChild & Teen Issues... plus any other issues and situations you want to discuss.  

To help you move forward to a brighter future talk to one of our trained counsellors today.
About Our Counsellors
Fully Qualified
We manually verify all therapists in our search directory to ensure they have been professionally trained to core diploma level in psychotherapy/counselling or above.
Choose from over one hundred professionally qualified counsellors and therapists.

Fully Confidential
All therapists abide by 100% client confidentiality. Nothing you say can be repeated. You also have the option to remain anonymous.

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